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Here is a meta-list 🕸 of all my blog posts, categorized based on A.I. sub-area:

  1. Artificial Life
  2. Evolutionary Computation
  3. Procedural Content Generation (PCG)
  4. Cognitive Science
  5. Reinforcement Learning
  6. AutoML
  7. Systems and Machine Learning
  8. Affective Computing
  9. Generative Art
  10. Systems Theory
  11. Causality
  12. Random Things

Here are all my posts in a chronological order : All Blogposts

Since I often get asked for the tools advice, here are all my tools in a single post:

  1. My "All-Purpose App" – Note Taking / Organizing Repository / To-Do App in one 🛠 – (Free app but you get $10 Credit i.e. 2 months unlimited data storage by signing up with my referral link)
  2. Writing an Academic Paper – Use LaTeX program Overleaf
  3. Writing/reviewing a proposal – Authorea
  4. Working on Simulations or Demos – use Processing and P5.js
  5. Best Document Writer – Google Docs
  6. Best book to get started in Python – Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner by Michael Dawson
  7. Code Editor – Visual Studio Code
  8. Bash Editor – Sublime
  9. For Running Machine Learning Models – PyTorch
  10. For testing small ML Models – Google Colab
  11. Git Extension – Git Kraken
  12. Keeping up with paper submission deadlines – Use Snooze feature in Gmail and look under the Snooze Folder for all deadlines.
  13. Interface Design and Prototyping – Figma

What are my favorite languages?

English, Python, JavaScript, Swift … in that order.

I want to get your advice on ….?

I tried to capture all my advice here in a single post.