Open Questions in Artificial Life

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Following are some of the listed open problems in the field of Artificial Life broadly classified into three main categories-

How does life arise from the nonliving?

  1. Determine whether fundamentally novel living organizations can exist.
  2. Simulate a unicellular organism over its entire life cycle.
  3. Explain how rules and symbols are generated from physical dynamics in living systems.

What are the potentials and limits of living systems?

  1. Determine what is inevitable in the open-ended evolution of life.
  2. Determine minimal conditions for evolutionary transitions from specific to generic response systems.
  3. Create a formal framework for synthesizing dynamical hierarchies at all scales.
  4. Determine the predictability of evolutionary consequences of manipulating organisms and ecosystems.
  5. Develop a theory of information processing, information flow, and information generation for evolving systems

How is life related to mind, machines, and culture?

  1. Demonstrate the emergence of intelligence and mind in an artificial living system.
  2. Evaluate the influence of machines on the next major evolutionary transition of life.
  3. Provide a quantitative model of the interplay between cultural and biological evolution. Establish ethical principles for artificial life.