Since I often get asked for what tools do I use, here are all my tools in a single post:

  1. My “All-Purpose App” – Note Taking / Organizing Repository / To-Do App in one 🛠 – (Free app but you get $10 Credit i.e. 2 months unlimited data storage by signing up with my referral link)
  2. Writing an Academic Paper – Use LaTeX program Overleaf
  3. Writing/reviewing a proposal – Authorea
  4. Working on Simulations or Demos – use Processing and P5.js
  5. Best Document Writer – Google Docs
  6. Best book to get started in Python – Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner by Michael Dawson
  7. Code Editor – Visual Studio Code
  8. Bash Editor – Sublime
  9. For Running Machine Learning Models – PyTorch
  10. For testing small ML Models – Google Colab
  11. Git Extension – Git Kraken
  12. Keeping up with paper submission deadlines – Use Snooze feature in Gmail and look under the Snooze Folder for all deadlines.
  13. Interface Design and Prototyping – Figma

What are my favorite languages?

English, Python, JavaScript, Swift … in that order.

What do I enjoy doing outside work?

  • Outside work, I enjoy reading non-fiction and watching films, especially animated films like this, this, this and this.
  • I also founded and run a machine learning community called MLNerdie (Twitter) and am also currently serving as the Director for Women Who Code L.A.